Appendix A. Chrome Browser Setup

If you do not have the Chrome Browser installed, install the latest version‚Äč

If you have Chrome installed, check its version ( in Chrome <click> the vertical dots on top rhs -> Help -> About Google Chrome). You should see something like: updates are disabled by your administrator Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) (auto updates will commonly be disabled at a corporate site) - if updates are not disabled, simply update to the latest version ( <click> the vertical dots on top rhs -> Update Google Chrome) -> Relaunch ) If you are not on the latest version (check at 'Stable Channel Update for Desktop') and updates have been disabled, you may be able to force update via ('Download Chrome', run the ChromeSetup.exe) Even if you cannot update your Chrome version, all is not lost as long as you are on at least Chrome version 62. You can use a compatible ChromeDriver for the version of Chrome you are on, as detailed next.