Appendix C. MySQL Installation

Hints and Tips for MySQL installation

Upon installing MySQL you will need to do the following before building the 'pvmetrics'/'datahunterdb' database

  1. Ensure port TCP 3306 is open on your local firewall

  2. Create a new database connection within MySQL workbench

    1. Open MySQL workbench

    2. Select the + symbol next to "MySQL Connections"

    3. Enter the following values:

      1. Connection Name: localhost_3306

      2. Connection Method: Standard (TCP/IP)

      3. Hostname:

      4. Port: 3306

      5. Username: admin

      6. Password: admin (store in vault)

    4. Select "Test Connection", if successful, select "OK" and then Select "OK" again

Sample connection below:

Upon completing the steps above your new connection will appear on the MySQL Workbench home page as per the screenshot below. Select the "localhost_3306" connection, you will now be able to build the 'pvmetrics' and/or 'datahunterdb' database.