1. Overview - What is Mark59?

" And he asked him,What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many."

Mark 5:9

This document is a work in progress at the moment ! This is the initial draft, so you may find some rough patches. Saying that, we have worked hard to get the samples and setup steps in this guide correct, so they should be pretty good already.

Also, for a 'big picture' overview, have a look at my NeotsysPAC presentation:


Mark59 is an open-source Java-based framework that enables the inclusion of Selenium scripts within the JMeter Performance Test tool. It also provides extended reporting capabilities, particularly when tests are run within a Continuous Integration environment using a CI server such as Jenkins.

It actually consists of a trilogy of independent components:

  1. DataHunter. A simple java web application useful for test data retention between and during a Performance and Volume (P&V) test *

  2. Trend Analysis and Reporting. Interpreting the test output data. There are two main sub-components: Enhanced JMeter Report Generation, and Trend Analysis. Trend Analysis caters for historical capture of test results, which can be displayed graphically using a web application, and can also be compared to specified application and environment SLAs. It is especially useful when combined with Continuous Integration. Trend Analysis is compatible with JMeter and also LoadRunner (the LoadRunner code-base is not actively maintained).

  3. Selenium Scripting in JMeter. Allows for the use of Selenium in a P&V test. The scripts can be fully developed and tested in Eclipse, before execution in JMeter.

* Although these modules can be deployed independently, DataHunter is used as the sample application for Trend Analysis data and the sample Selenium Scripts. It's a very simple application to get up and running, so we suggest it should always be implemented.

The major components of Mark59, underpinned by Continuous Integration

In the next section we discuss the structure of the Mark59 GitHub projects and artefacts, and how they relate to these components.